Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh the life - of a first time blogger!

Here goes my first blog. I love the rambling, not so perfect styles of so may talented storytellers out there and decided to join up and tell my story. Hope my two best English teachers Mrs. Wisenhunt and Mrs. Cross find this and don't remember me.  Having read Silas Marner and all their other favorites it's time I get my say-so in and I'm aiming for 'before the debt crisis stops my way of life'. I promise I will include some of my better stories including Elvis.
How many times have we done something we are not supposed to do? Yesterday I snuck out to my sewing room to add more machine quilting to a small lap quilt - in spite of the fact that I am supposed to be taking it easy with my new Bio-tic Neck  [neck surgery]. When that artistic bug bites there is no stopping my hard headed self.

This summer I started teaching my 7 year old granddaughter to sew on my top of the line Baby Lock machine, trouble is she sews while I am at work and Papa is supposed to be entertaining her and her 2 brothers. Somehow those brothers get his attention the same way she gets mine. Stella - I will call her, began sewing 1/4 inch seams and made a really cute nameless quilt pattern square - shown above. Next she mastered this Dresden Plate saying it was ''Easy Peasy". I will boast more the next time she comes to the beach to visit us.

More Tomorrow.
Sugar Sewing!